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The site was created for the sale to private consumers of personalized T-shirts and gadgets in compliance with Italian legislation on distance contracts.


The sale is governed by these General Conditions and by the methods indicated in detail in the sections of this site called, respectively, Online Order, Deliveries and Absolute Confidentiality, which must be considered an integral and substantial part of the sales contract. Therefore, the Customer is invited, before sending the order, to carefully read the sales conditions as identified above and the information contained therein and to print them or save them on another durable medium accessible to him.


Any changes or new conditions of sale will be promptly reported to the Customer, will be effective from the time of publication on the site and will be applied only to sales concluded after publication.


The sending of the order by the Customer is valid as acceptance of the current sales conditions.


Conclusion of the contract


The order sent by the Customer to PUBLINEON through the Internet must be completed in its entirety and must contain the elements necessary for the identification of the customer and the products ordered as well as the indication of the place of delivery, under penalty of nullity. PUBLINEON will send the Customer, by e-mail, a confirmation of order receipt, containing a reference to the applicable sales conditions.



Characteristics and availability of products


In particular circumstances, PUBLINEON may not be able to ensure the availability of all products offered and can not therefore be held responsible for the temporary unavailability of one or more products. Except as set out below (Right of withdrawal) the sending of the order by the Customer is also valid as acceptance of a partial delivery, limited to the products available within those ordered, as well as a waiver to request for such compensation and / or compensation claims. PUBLINEON also undertakes, as required by law, to promptly inform the customer of any unavailability of the ordered product. In the case of purchase orders for variable weight products (products weighed and wrapped by PUBLINEON following a specific customer order) there may be a discrepancy between the quantity ordered and the one actually delivered, with a consequent difference in weight and price. The actual weight is determined at the time of preparation of the product and can vary up to 10% compared to the measurement indicated in the order. In the latter case, the customer will be required to pay the price corresponding to the amount of product actually delivered, provided that the charge to the customer can never be higher than that indicated at the time of order.



Right of withdrawal


The Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, at any time, according to correctness and good faith, upon written or oral communication to be sent to PUBLINEON. In the communication the Customer must indicate the product or products for which he intends to exercise the right of withdrawal. PUBLINEON will take care, at its own expense and expense, to collect the product or products in question in the manner and in the terms that will be previously agreed with the Customer, unless he waives the return of the above.





PUBLINEON makes the delivery of the product or products ordered by the Customer, under the conditions expressly indicated in the section of this site called Deliveries.


Prices and methods of payment


The prices of the products indicated in the various sections of this site are inclusive of VAT. The prices applied are those indicated on the site when ordering by the customer. The prices of individual products are subject to change and, therefore, the prices from time to time indicated on the site, cancel and replace those previously indicated. *** The price of products purchased, together with the cost of home delivery, must be paid by the customer when ordering online, by credit card, bank transfer, cash. The tax documentation will be issued by PUBLINEON at the time of delivery. ***

Guarantees and responsibilities


PUBLINEON, within the limits of availability as regulated above, guarantees that products will be delivered equal to those indicated and described on the site. PUBLINEON guarantees compliance with all the rules regarding the conservation of products up to the time of delivery at the place indicated in the order. The manufacturer's responsibility applies to all products sold. In the case of packaged products, the manufacturer is also responsible for the truthfulness and completeness of the indications given on the packs. The images on the site are provided to the Customer to facilitate the recognition of the products; due to variations in the packaging by the manufacturer, the photos may not exactly reflect the appearance of the product delivered.



Disputes and applicable law


Civil disputes concerning the application, execution and interpretation of the distance sale contract are subject to Italian jurisdiction and will be competent for the Court of the place of residence or domicile of the Customer, if located in Italy. The distance contracts signed with PUBLINEON are governed by Italian law and, although not expressly provided for, the relevant legal regulations apply.